• Liz Brotherton

How Kindness Impacts Our Mental Health

The dictionary definition of Kindness is: Gentle, Caring and Helpful.

Research shows that adopting a kind and compassionate approach to life, can have a positive effect on your mental health by reducing stress levels and improving your emotional wellbeing.

This blog is aimed at prioritising a kind attitude towards everyday tasks rather than a single random act of kindness. The thought is that a sustained mindset towards being a gentle, caring and helpful person can create a kinder attitude towards things we do every day and eventually the theme sticks, building your self-esteem and becoming a habit in the process.

Helping others can improve our own support networks and encourages us to be more active within our communities, reducing loneliness and isolation for you and the people you are choosing kindness towards.

Adopting a kinder outlook on life can improve your self-awareness and gratitude. Over time you can become more optimistic and satisfied with what you do have, whilst setting better standards and boundaries for your mental health.

Your influence of kindness towards others and you can also be contagious, creating a pyramid effect of positivity. If we all committed to a few acts of kindness within our week, just think what a more positive world we could live in!

Our acts of kindness do not need to move mountains, it can be as simple as committing to speak to anyone sat alone on a park bench when out walking or checking in on an elderly neighbour. If you have the time then are bigger gestures that can be made, such as volunteering for a charity (we recommend CCAWS!). It is important to remember that whatever you choose, it should be something that you get joy from in order for it to become a habit and boost your own self-esteem.

For example, if you have a certain skill or expertise, you can spread your knowledge or the use of your skill through your kindness, for example if you are particularly good at painting you could help a friend, relative or a community building with some decorating. Or if you have knowledge of filing your accounts and filling out forms, you could help others just starting out, or in need of guidance with some advocate organisation (ask CCAWS about our volunteer advocate positions).

Don’t forget, if you are in need of some kindness yourself, CCAWS can provide you with counselling, befriending and advocacy support and a number of courses. There are more details on our website ( Please get in touch by phone or email to refer yourself or someone else to our services.

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